Skandia Elevator whistleblowing system

At Skandia Elevator AB, it is important for us to be a safe, secure, fair and transparent company. This is to ensure that all our employees have a good work environment, that our customers can trust us to work in a long-term and sustainable way, and that we contribute positively to the society in which we operate. We therefore encourage our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders to report suspected professional misconduct and/or suspected wrongdoing to our whistleblowing function.

As required by Skandia Elevator, a manager must be contacted in the event of any incidents or irregularities. However, this is not always the best way and may result in reports not being submitted. Skandia Elevator has therefore introduced a whistleblowing system for you to use in order to report misconduct in cases where you cannot or prefer not to contact your manager, or if you simply want to remain anonymous.

Skandia Elevator’s whistleblowing system is operated by WhistleSystem ApS, and this guarantees complete anonymity and security for whistleblowers. The whistleblowing system is intended for use by employees or other stakeholders should they discover serious irregularities or misconduct relating to Skandia Elevator. The Whistleblower Policy gives examples of what can be reported.

Everyone with access to the system can submit reports. In your company, this involves internal stakeholders who have been subject to irregularities.

Whistleblower reports may involve people, situations and events. Any stakeholder can submit a report if it meets the reporting criteria and if it relates to Skandia Elevator.

The whistleblowing system can only be used to report serious irregularities and misconduct. Issues such as cooperation problems, dissatisfaction with premises, working conditions or salary should not be reported via the whistleblowing system. Instead, you should contact your manager in the event of such cases.

However, you can raise the alarm if you know or suspect that crimes or irregularities are being committed within the organisation – such as bribery, breaches of environmental or labour laws, or embezzlement. It may also be appropriate to raise the alarm about maladministration in breach of EU rules – such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can use the link for reporting an irregularity to find out about all the relevant information you need to submit a report and how the case will be handled. It’s up to you to decide how much information you want to provide, and you are guaranteed anonymity throughout the process. You can also access the link via Skandia Elevator’s intranet. All cases are dealt with promptly upon receipt by an independent investigator at Skandia Elevator.

All submitted reports are given a unique case number and a verification code. These details must be used to submit additional information or to receive feedback on the case, which will be given within 90 days of receipt. The investigator will carry out an initial assessment of the case in order to determine whether it is of a nature that meets the criteria to be handled by the whistleblowing function.

As mentioned above, all reports are treated confidentially and the whistleblower is given complete anonymity throughout the process.

Whistleblowing system