SEI 50/23

SEI 50/23 is manufactured from galvanized material in accordance with the EU machinery directives. It is available in three models: 100, 120 and 150. The different models give the following capacities based on grain with 15% moisture content, bulk density 750 kg/m3, fed on upgoing side and at below specified nominal shaft rpm. Remember that every 1% increase in moisture content above 15%, decreases capacity by 3-4% .

SEI 50/23 is as standard a Category III 3D/OD Elevator and complies with the European ATEX directive 94/9EC. It is suitable for most material to be handled in a drying and storage plant.

The capacity is affected with the same percentage as the gear box revolution (SK2282-119) changes.

Technical info

Capacity t/h112134168
Capacity m³/h149178223
Belt speed m/s3.23.23.2
Nom. shaft rpm123123123
Product line

The products on the I-Line are designed for facilities with intensive operations throughout the year. This line is suitable for both medium-sized and large farms, as well as commercial grain traders.

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