7 reasons to choose us

1. Dependability

Our conveying systems are reliable and dependable. There is no risk of costly stoppages to halt production or harvesting.

2. Service life

Our high quality guarantees a long service life. Our products keep on working year after year and require a minimum of annual maintenance. Good for the environment, good for your finances.

3. Customisation

We have three product lines, all of which can be customised and integrated to suit your own specific needs. Every product line comes with several options for vertical, horizontal, inclined or curved transport. You need never pay for surplus performance to achieve the ideal system.

4. Safety

The systems maintain the highest possible safety standards to prevent transported materials from being mixed and eliminate the risk of personal injury.

5. User-friendly

Each and every function is designed with the user in mind – the self-regulating inlet and the fully automatic sweep conveyor, for example. Maximum capacity is always available to you, with no need for adjustments.

6. Delivery quality

We work with high-tech robotics and efficient pre-assembly of machine modules, resulting in unsurpassed fit, quality and delivery time. As a result, we are able to guarantee fast, reliable delivery even during peak season.

7. Security

You can rely on us. We have 100 years of experience in the industry and manufacture more than 2000 machines each year, all of which are extremely reliable. Security and robustness are part of the very fabric of our company.

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Convey grain from A to B to C

Everything has to work properly during the most hectic harvesting and production phases. There is no time for stoppages. How our systems work has been illustrated in this video.

The route to the top

We have worked together to achieve our aim over the past decade – to become Europe’s leading manufacturer of conveying systems for the grain industry. Now we have done it. We have achieved our goal. And this has been achieved not only by offering the market’s broadest range of conveyors and elevators. All our faithful customers have of course been incredibly important to us along the way. But it’s also because we have always defended and never compromised on our core values.