News Spam information

It has come to our attention that recently there has been an increase in spam emails claiming to be from Skandia Elevator requesting various bits of sensitive information from our customers and suppliers, such as requesting information about payments due and/or changes to where a payment is to be made for services, some of these requests have been from so-called spoofed emails.


What is a spoofed email?

A spoofed email is where a person with malicious intent sends an email with a domain that does not belong to them, this can make it look like that person is sending an email on behalf of a legitimate business.

Skandia Elevator implements the recommended practices to best protect against spoofed emails (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etcetera), but ultimately it is up to the recipients email provider to make sure their anti-spam solution looks for the previously mentioned anti spoofing protection methods. If they do not then the email would simply be delivered like any other.


If you do receive an email from us requesting sensitive information, please feel free to double check by contacting us through the proper channels found on the Contact us page on our website.