News Sales start for adjustable support feet

From April 1, adjustable support feet for chain conveyors will be available for horizontal and curved machine parts for the entire I-line range and for the H-line range up to and including 40/40.

Adjustable support foot for bend section becomes standard
For curved conveyors, the adjustable support foot for the bend section will be included as standard in a machine order. Support feet for horizontal machine parts will only be available as accessories. Part numbers are included at the bottom of this news text.

The support feet can be adjusted to heights between 40-225 mm, first in mounting steps of 10 mm and then with fine adjustment to the exact height.

Easy assembly that also facilitates service
The support feet are mounted on the exterior of the conveyor with existing screw joints. This greatly facilitates service when compared to fixed support feet underneath the machine.

NOTE! In some cases, tapping screws are needed, which are not included in the kit. This applies to support feet in all drive ends and in tail ends for KTH 30/40-40/40. Four tapping screws are required per kit.

To cope with humid conditions, the lower parts of the support feet are made of stainless and hot-galvanized steel. The remaining parts are made of the same material as other machine parts.

Number per machine

Adjustable support feet for: 20/33 30 & 40/33 30/40 40/40
Intermediate section /Tail end 1 pair/4 m 1 pair /3 m 1 pair /3 m 1 pair /2 m
Drive end 4 pcs 4 pcs 4 pcs 4 pcs
Bend section 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc

Kit part number

Adjustable support feet for: 20/33 30 & 40/33 30/40 40/40
Intermediate section/Tail end, 1 pair 0331000 0331000 0461000 0461000
Drive end, 4 pcs 0330000 0330000 0460000 0460000
Bend section 15° 335431 355431 355431 365431
Bend section 30° 335433 355433 355433 365433
Bend section 45° 335435 355435 355435 365435