KE 40

KE40 is manufactured from galvanised material and in accordance with the EU Machinery Directives. It can operate with most granular materials, flour and meal and at any angle between 45-90°. There are three different feeding alternatives: A: direct fed from a pit, B: onto a front leg enclosed inlet or C: with side feeder screws.

It is as standard a Category II 3D/0D Elevator and complies with the European ATEX directive 94/9EC, when the external atmosphere is unclassified.

The output for KE40 depends on the type of feed employed. Below table is based on cereals having a 15% moisture content. The side feeder screw system is a compact – economical system of mechanical intakes and short conveyors connected directly to the elevator. Max length of side feeder screw is 4 m in pit, when feeding from silo 8 m can be used.

Technical info

Capacity t/h403530
Capacity m³/h534640
Chain speed m/s1,911,911,91
Nom. shaft rpm308308308
Product line

L-Line is specially adapted to small agricultural facilities. It is particularly suitable for small to medium sized farms that need concentrated operations during the harvest period.

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