News Price increases

Dear valued customer,

2021 has started with a fantastic order situation – Thanks to all your hard work out on the fields.

Skandia Elevator started the year with a full warehouse, but all orders have caused us to suffer from a shortage of several parts, which has led to increased delivery time and partial deliveries. We do our best to avoid this affecting you. Thank you for your understanding.

The lack of materials had also made our sourcing in the market for materials a real challenge and we are now forced to follow the market and raise prices at short notice. We have waited the longest and hoped that the situation will return to more normal levels, but unfortunately this has not happened. The steel market remains volatile with large price increases and frequent changes. The price increase continues on all product groups. This is in the wake of the strong demand situation, the steelwork’s booked production capacity, reduced imports of materials to the EU, rising raw material prices and rising shipping costs.

Therefore, Skandia Elevator must now make an immediate price increase of 18% from 24/6-2021 on all new orders.

We understand that this will affect your daily work but we currently have no other option.