News New price list and more info about sales start for our new generation of elevators

Printed edition of this year’s price list valid from September 1st will be sent out the second week of July and will then also be available for download on our website.

This year’s pricelist generally contains no price changes except for prices for the new generation of both H-line elevators and transverse outlet slides.

The following is new in the price list:

    • H-Line elevators new generation in capacities 60-300 t / h and with an extensive accessories program.
      • Sales start is September 1st with delivery no earlier than October 1st.
      • Quotations can be made in QC from July 13th.
      • CAD drawings are available for download on the website from July 6th.
      • The older generation of H-line elevators will be removed from the product range from September 1st, orders made before can be delivered no later than January 1st 2021.
    • Technically and functionally upgraded transverse outlet slides for all I- and H-Line conveyors up to and including 300 t / h.
      • The article numbers are unchanged since the previous generation.
      • All motor driven, pneumatic and indicative variants have inductive three-wire sensor (limit switch), part number 91934210. Read more about the sensor in our connection instructions which can be downloaded on our website.
    • Adjustable support feet as accessories for horizontal conveyor parts, I- and H-Line up to 150 t / h.
    • Adjustable support foot as standard for bend sections for KTIBU / KTIG and KTHBU / KTHG up to and including 150 t / h.
    • 70 t / h capacity for the sweeper conveyor KTIS.