News New generation SEI elevator launched on April 1st

As of April 1st, the new generation SEI elevator is available for ordering through our Quote Configurator. CAD files in 2D and 3D, as well as a product list with part numbers and technical information, and also product sheets, are available for download under Skandia Info when logged in to our website. Sales of the previous generation SEI will continue during a transition period with delivery at the latest by October 1st, 2024.

The new generation models (capacities):

  • SEI 35/14 (40 & 60 t/h)
  • SEI 50/18 (80 & 100 t/h)
  • SEI 50/23 (120 & 150 t/h)

Note! No overlap of capacities between models as before.

Improved construction, function, and accessories of the new generation:

Elevator head and elevator hood:

  • New shape following the trajectory of the grain.
  • Elevator hood with handles.
  • Service hatches with handles, on both sides of the elevator head.

Elevator legs:

  • Larger cross-sections.
  • Larger double service hatches equipped with handles, one of the hatches also equipped with an inspection glass.

Elevator foot:

  • Slightly longer in length.
  • Maintained interface for inlet hoppers.


  • Explosion panel, the highest one, installed in the back end of the elevator head.
  • Improved space for inlet slides, can now be installed simultaneously with belt alignment switch in the elevator foot.
  • Left and right inlet hopper with minimized/eliminated pockets in the corners.
  • Elevator belt and slatted pulley scraper kit, as a new accessory.
  • Other accessories are the same as for the previous generation SEI, and several of them have new improved construction.
New Generation SEI