News Jonas Larsson becomes the new CEO at Skandia Elevator

From the turn of the year, Jonas Larsson begins the role as Skandia Elevator’s new CEO, taking the step from his previous role as production manager. Joakim Larsson continues as marketing and sales manager and can now focus on developing customer relations, not least within the new major digital investment, Grain Cloud.


Skandia Elevator was founded back in 1914 by the brothers Nils and Gustav Larsson, who started manufacturing threshing machines. Almost a century later, the company is still based in little Arentorp in Sweden and is now run by Nils’ grandsons, the brothers Joakim and Jonas, who have now worked together for 28 years at the family business. When the brothers took over operational responsibility from their father in 2001, Joakim became CEO and product development manager while Jonas took on the role of production manager. Since then a lot has happened and now it is time for the next step.


Europe’s leading manufacturer of grain transport systems

Over the years, Skandia Elevator has gone from 30 employees to 140 as it developed from a small, local agricultural company to Europe’s leading manufacturer of grain transport systems. With export markets all over the world.


Skandia Elevator’s vision is to be the most sought-after brand for the next generation of agricultural companies. That means being a leader in smart transport equipment for grain. And to be one of the leaders in delivering data and knowledge from grain facilities to the professional agriculture industry.


Today, the company is part of the world’s digital transformation in the agricultural industry through the Grain Cloud brand, which is based on the idea of total control and increased profitability in grain work.


The CEO change is the next step in Skandia Elevator’s development

The decision to change the CEO is well planned and has been prepared for a long time. Last spring, Joakim took over as marketing and sales manager, and last summer a new production manager took over. The aim is for both to be able to continue to develop in their respective roles and do more of what they do best. Jonas’ responsibility will continue to cultivate the delivery and production process, while Joakim will continue to be responsible for sales and product development. Jonas will also take greater responsibility over finance, HR and coordination between the various departments. In the management group, Jonas is now given the formal task of planning and leading the work.


Both brothers continue to jointly take responsibility for developing Skandia Elevator’s ability to satisfy customers, recruit and engage employees and develop long-term supplier relationships.


– It feels very inspiring to assume the role of CEO at Skandia Elevator. We face an exciting future where we work strategically to be the most sought-after brand for the next generation of farmers. To achieve this, it is necessary that we continue to develop and produce innovative products, says Jonas Larsson, CEO/Managing Director at Skandia Elevator.


– Skandia Elevator needs a dedicated full-time sales manager. Now I will have more time to meet the customers, develop our cooperation and make their businesses more successful.
I also look forward to continuing to develop innovative products with the aim of achieving our vision of being the most sought-after brand for the next generation of agricultural companies, says Joakim Larsson, Vice President/Sales Manager at Skandia Elevator.