News It’s nice working in a green industry

Ingemar Andersson is the new CFO at Skandia Elevator and is happy to use his experience in the banking world to develop new long-term finance functions. After growing up in the countryside he has the advantage of a better understanding of the end user.

It all started in the small town of Österäng between Kinnekulle and Mariestad, where Ingemar grew up. Now he’s 53 years old and enjoys playing the trumpet in his spare time. He previously played in the band Edmonds Big Band in Vara. When he was younger he studied economics at Linköping University, with an exchange year at the University of Oklahoma. Five years ago, after working in the banking world for a long time, he wanted to try something new. That’s when he got the opportunity to become CEO of a company called Kinnegrip.

– I’ve always been interested in production and thought the most exciting banking customers were those with their own production. They have a few more levers to pull, says Ingemar.

Always glanced at Skandia Elevator

He was thrilled when the new position at Skandia Elevator opened up, since it was a company he had been looking at for a while. He was very interested in how to run a modern business and thought Skandia Elevator was a role model.

– It’s nice to work in a company that creates value through products that end up in the green industry of food production. I hope we can continue being a sustainable player, he ponders.

Staying on the beaten path

A big positive for Ingemar is that Skandia Elevator is well organised with good profitability, a good business plan and business model. So in his new role as CFO, he will stay on the beaten path. But he is also looking forward to developing new finance functions, especially since he has gained a long-term perspective from his years in the banking world. At Skandia Elevator, he is grateful to be off to a great start.

– Now it is important for me to learn the existing business system, and get full control of the internal accounting. This is where my predecessor Gunilla Borg, who is retiring, has been a very important part. It is a great privilege to get such an introduction from her, Ingemar concludes.