News It’s about making everything work together

Skandia Elevator’s new Key Account Manager and salesman Nils Lennartsson has always liked machines, which has previously taken him to both officer service on a submarine and technical studies. In his new role, he looks forward to the dual sales focus on both physical products and software.

It was when Nils worked for a village blacksmith that he opened his eyes to machines. This led him to apply for the navy and an officer position with a mechanical engineering focus – and as a machinist on a submarine, where the focus was on both electricity and machinery.

– A submarine is not just an engine but a system of different components. Same with Skandia Elevator. It’s about making everything work together, says Nils.

Bought equipment from Skandia Elevator

After 12 years in the navy with both technical studies and work in Karlskrona as well as children, he headed home to Västergötland. Nils worked a few years at a company that manufactured industrial computers for tough environments, after that he went to a workshop company where he worked with a product similar to Skandia Elevators, a traditional machine which you get a lot more out, than the customer expected, by using a special software. The first time he came in contact with Skandia Elevator was as an aftermarket manager at Tornum, where he bought equipment from us for three years as a customer and gained good knowledge of the product range.

Why did you end up at Skandia Elevator Nils?

– I have always thought that Tornum and Skandia Elevator felt like equally pleasant workplaces. Lately I have become more and more interested in software and in this area Skandia Elevator is far ahead on the market. The picture I have from my previous customer perspective is that this is a fantastic company with strong core values ​​and products.

What do you expect from your new roles?

– As Key Account Manager, I will be responsible for customers in our German-speaking countries, mainly Germany and Austria. I look forward to an exciting two-part seller role with sales of engines and conveyors as well as software, such as Grain Cloud, which I will soon be trained in. In general, I will work to develop Skandia Elevator’s sales and create good relationships. Basically, it’s all about helping our customers get more out of our products, Nils concludes.