News EU contribution for the development of Grain Cloud

Skandia Elevator, as part of an innovation group, has in recent years received EU contribution from Jordbruksverket Swedish Agency for Agriculture within the framework of EIP Agri (European Innovation Project Agriculture). The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of a digital decision support system for control, management and traceability for more efficient grain handling on the facility – applicable to all types of agriculture.

Product development takes place within the Grain Cloud brand founded by Skandia Elevator’s. The goal is to create economic added value for the farming professional and at the same time contribute to increasing food safety.

The project will conclude in the spring of 2023, but already the project’s results were summarized through an EIP Summit at Skandia Elevator on October 13, when all partners participated in inspirational lectures, a debate panel with farming professionals, group work and demonstrations of Grain Cloud products.

The project consists of an innovation group, where the following players have successfully contributed with various innovative solutions to enable the development of the digital products within Grain Cloud.

Agroväst Livsmedel AB

Development company whose mission is to contribute to a more profitable and sustainable agriculture in Western Sweden. Generates financial resources to initiate, refine and stimulate projects and activities that benefit the green industry and society at large. Agroväst acts as a broker between green industry companies, research and financiers with the aim of optimizing the use of common resources.

Automation Technology i Lidköping AB

Automation company built on the fascination and interest in how automation of industrial processes can strengthen companies’ productions and manufacturing. Through expert knowledge in a number of different areas and industries within automation, they give Swedish industry and users the opportunity to use process industrial IT in new ways.

CNet Svenska AB

A spin-off company from Swedish IT research that was originally founded by a research group from SISU, the Institute for System Development. Specialized in research, innovation and system development of IoT solutions with extensive experience in international collaborations in pan-European R&D projects.

Hedåkers Säteri AB

One of Västra Götaland’s older manors. The farm cultivates crops on 670 hectares and has its own grain facility. In addition to crop cultivation, the family also runs the company Dataväxt AB where they develop digital precision cultivation programs for plant growers.

Varaslätten’s Lagerhus

Economic association owned by grain producers in western Sweden. The association dries, stores and trades grain as well as produces attractive products for the milling and feed industry.


Independent, state-owned research institute with the task of working for sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening the competitiveness and renewal of the business world and contributing to an innovative development of society.

Skandia Elevator AB

A family company in the third generation that is Europe’s market leader in transport systems with exports all over the world. Develops and manufactures transport equipment and IoT solutions for grain facilities. The latter, under the own brand Grain Cloud.

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