News Grain Cloud is now being fully launched

Since we introduced the app Grain Cloud for the first time in autumn 2017, we have been fully committed to developing and testing it together with some of our largest dealers and a number of their customers. Last fall we won the silver medal in the Elmia Innovation Award and now it is time for the next step”, says Anders Malm, sales manager at Skandia Elevator.

He continues “It feels great that the app is now being fully launched by the dealers who have been involved in developing it and that other dealers now also can apply to offer Grain Cloud to their customers.

At the same time we also present an updated interface and new requested features. You can now get push notifications on your mobile about what is happening in your facility and we also just introduced remote controlling that enables you to start, stop and adjust certain processes in your facility. Soon there will also be notifications for when it is time to do preventive maintenance.

The positive response from current users gives us energy forward, it is their needs that will shape the development and we see that there is great potential for future Grain Cloud.”