News Belgian oil company expands capacity with Skandia Elevator

Vandamme is a Belgian family company that produces, refines and supplies vegetable oil to several large companies within the European food sector. When they wanted to expand their storage capacity for corn, sunflower seeds and soybeans they turned to the reseller Deswartes, which got them in contact with Skandia Elevator. Now, thanks to the H-Line conveyor system with two new generation elevators and ten Prado Silos, Vandamme will be able to improve efficiency and operational reliability in their production.


The expansion will be finished in mid-October and Vandamme’s plant in Belgium will have a new capacity of 65,000 tons.

Deswarte is a large company in Belgium that manufactures, sells and services conveyors. During this project they handled the projection, design, mounting and commissioning. Skandia Elevator also visited the plant in Belgium to ensure that everything was satisfactorily assembled.

Skandia Elevator and Deswarte are both interested in a deeper collaboration, with Deswarte possibly becoming Skandia Elevator’s reseller and service partner in Benelux as well as adjacent parts of Germany and France.