News New Price Lists 2018/2019

Our new price lists are valid from January 1, 2018 and includes the following new additions / changes:

–    Belt conveyors in the I-Line range, capacities 40-150 t/h.

–    Silo slides (separate) in the I-Line range, for capacities up to 150 t/h.

–    Motor weather covers for gearbox motors on the elevators SEI 35/14; 50/18 and 50/23, now more compact.

–    Required motor power for the entire machine range has undergone a general review.

–    Skandia Conveyor Walk has been removed from our product range due to low sales volume.

After five years without general price increases we are now forced to implement a price increase of
3.5 %. This is mainly due to the fact that steel prices on the world market have been raised significantly two years in a row.

The printed Price Lists are on their way to our dealers right now and they are also available for download under SKANDIA INFO (login mode) on our website.