News Launch of Moving Parts in the Czech Republic

In conjunction with the fair TechAgro this spring, we launched Moving Parts in the Czech Republic for Pawlica and Agroing that are our dealers there.

We have developed our quality brand Moving Parts as a tool for our dealers so that they can clarify to their customers how important it is to choose high quality conveying equipment. The moving parts are the most critical elements in a system as they are most at risk of causing stoppages and breakdowns. There is a lot to save on having reliable conveying equipment and we have invested a lot of time and research in developing systems that minimize the risk of downtime.

A launch of Moving Parts is made with exhibition products, advertising in trade magazines and labeling of our conveying equipment. If you want to launch Moving Parts in your country, please contact your Skandia sales representative!


Product news New locking function for inspection/overload flap – Chain conveyors

From now on are inspection/overload flaps for chain conveyors fitted with an adjustable snap lock. The resistance of the snap lock can be regulated with screws A and B. Screw inwards to increase the resistance and outward to decrease. This ensures that the flap only opens (and power shuts off) at actual overfill or deliberate opening.

News Updated Belt Conveyor CAD files

We’ve updated our CAD files for BTI with belt cleaner and counterweight tower. Please log in to our website and download the updated files from the SKANDIA INFO page/ CAD FILES

News Showroom pictures now on our website

We have now added a new page with pictures of the machines and accessories we have in our Showroom. The images are sorted by our lines and are clickable so that they can be viewed in a larger format. Link to the showroom page can be found in the Products menu and on the About Skandia page.

News Cleaning Brush for elevator leg – SEI and SEH

We have developed a new accessory – A cleaning brush for bucket elevators. The cleaning brush cleans the inside of the leg and also helps to prevent bucket clatters for high elevators. Cleaning brushes will be standard on the following elevators and heights and for these machines we have not changed the price.

SEI 35/14 – 20 meters or higher
SEH 50/18-23 – 30 meters or higher
SEH 63/28-33 – 30 meters or higher

For other elevator configurations SEI and SEH up to and including 63/28-33 cleaning brushes are available as option in our quotation tool.

News Updated ”Exhibition Products” brochure – BTI rack

We have updated our Exhibition Products brochure with a Belt Conveyor (BTI) rack.

Download the new brochure here or find it at our website page Products/Download and the tab COMPANY & PRODUCT BROCHURES.

News Updated CAD files

We have updated the following CAD files:

KTA KTAb.dwg

SEI 35_14.dwg
SEI 50_18.dwg
SEI 50_23.dwg

SEH 50_18.dwg
SEH 50_23.dwg
SEH 63_28  63_33.dwg
SEH 80-28  80_33.dwg
KTH 20_33.dwg
KTH 30_33.dwg
KTH 30_40.dwg
KTH 40_40.dwg
KTH 40_51.dwg
KTH 50_51.dwg

Please visit SKANDIA INFO page on the Login area of our website, to download the latest updates.

News New round of Skandia Academy in September

In September this year we offer a round of our Skandia Academy training in English.

Several retailers have already completed all parts of Skandia Academy and have thus become authorized dealers. Becoming a Certified Dealer guarantees to your customers that you are fully familiar with Skandia Elevator ranges and systems. This is a quality hallmark that inspires confidence and a sense of security. At the same time, it will make your day-to-day work easier, quicker and more profitable.

If you want to read more about Skandia Academy you will find more information on our website under the heading Skandia Academy.

Skandia Academy courses in English in September 2018:

For Sales managers 19-20 September
Project designers 19-20 September
Assembly technicians 26-27 September

NB! Last day to register is Friday 17th August.

NB! We will cancel the course if we do not get enough registrations so please do not make any plans or reservations until we have confirmed it’s ok!

Register here!

We congratulate a new certified dealer

Our dealer Les Équipements L&L in Canada have now completed the entire Skandia Academy and are now a “Certified dealer of Skandia Elevator”.


During the last rounds of Skandia Academy in January we also had representatives from Aber Kft. and from  Antti-Teollisuus OY, Mepu OY and Tornum AB who already are certified dealers but they are sending more of their employees and dealers to enable them to take part of the academy.

The certification is a guarantee for your customers that you are familiar with Skandia Elevator ranges and systems. It is a quality hallmark that inspires trust and confidence.

Product news CAD files for BTI added to SKANDIA INFO

CAD files for our belt conveyor BTI are now added to the SKANDIA INFO page on the Login area of our website.