Product news CAD files for BTI added to SKANDIA INFO

CAD files for our belt conveyor BTI are now added to the SKANDIA INFO page on the Login area of our website.


Product change Quality improved lids for chain conveyors

New improved lids are introduced from the turn of the year for all horizontal intermediate sections in the I-line segment as well as the models of the H-line segment that have the same type of lids, KTIF 20/33 until and including KTH 40/40.

We have improved the lids of our chain conveyors to reduce the risk of water penetration; this was a request that emerged from our annual customer survey. The lids now have a V-bend in the middle which makes the seams in between lids tighter and also facilitates the water runoff.

News BDC Systems Ltd. visited us with their dealers

BDC System Ltd. brought their dealers to let them undergo Skandia Academy training. We think it’s very positive that anyone who works with Skandia products gets training that makes their work easier, faster and more profitable. However, only our own dealers can be “Certified dealers” by letting at least one sales manager, one project manager and one assembly technician undergo Skandia Academy training.

News New Price Lists 2018/2019

Our new price lists are valid from January 1, 2018 and includes the following new additions / changes:

–    Belt conveyors in the I-Line range, capacities 40-150 t/h.

–    Silo slides (separate) in the I-Line range, for capacities up to 150 t/h.

–    Motor weather covers for gearbox motors on the elevators SEI 35/14; 50/18 and 50/23, now more compact.

–    Required motor power for the entire machine range has undergone a general review.

–    Skandia Conveyor Walk has been removed from our product range due to low sales volume.

After five years without general price increases we are now forced to implement a price increase of
3.5 %. This is mainly due to the fact that steel prices on the world market have been raised significantly two years in a row.

The printed Price Lists are on their way to our dealers right now and they are also available for download under SKANDIA INFO (login mode) on our website.

News New round of Skandia Academy in January

In January next year we offer a new round of Skandia Academy in English.

Several retailers have already completed all parts of Skandia Academy and have thus become authorized dealers. Becoming a Certified Dealer guarantees to your customers that you are fully familiar with Skandia Elevator ranges and systems. This is a quality hallmark that inspires confidence and a sense of security. At the same time, it will make your day-to-day work easier, quicker and more profitable.

If you want to read more about Skandia Academy you will find more information on our website under the heading Skandia Academy.

Skandia Academy courses in English in January 2018:

For Sales managers 24-25 January
Project designers 24-25 January
Assembly technicians 31 January -1 February

Register here!

Product news World premiere for Grain Cloud

At the Agritechnica exhibition in Hanover on November 12, the app Grain Cloud is presented as Skandia Elevator’s first software. It facilitates harvesting and storage as it provides a complete overview of all units and processes at the grain plant.

The app collects information from the plant’s control system and shows, among other things, the transport systems and machines that are running, estimated drying times and what crops are in which silos. Most importantly: the app will alert and send notifications if there is downtime or machine failures.

“Should the dryer cease to work in the middle of the night, one immediately gets an alarm and can fix the problem at once,” says Joakim Larsson, CEO of Skandia Elevator. “It is incredibly important during the hectic harvest that everything works without problems. Grain Cloud also makes it possible to plan the work better, displays operating history and sends notifications when it is time for maintenance and service.”

Grain Cloud is compatible with both Android and iOS and will be announced on Nov 12 at Agritechnica in Hannover. The app is available as an option at Skandia Elevator’s dealer after the turn of the year.

Read more here

Product news The new BTI is the belt conveyor the market has been asking for

With the ambition to develop the world’s best belt conveyor, we launched extensive research work at Skandia Elevator. We asked our customers and experts in other industries what they thought was missing in the belt conveyors from our competitors. Now we can proudly present our BTI.

Better at everything

It’s the little things that count. For example, individually adjustable idlers in the carrying idler set and a good idler width. This means that BTI runs straighter than other belt conveyors. With adjustable return idlers and drive pulley, it’s easier to achieve accurate precision and straight running. In addition, the tail end has generous adjustment travel which reduces the need to re-vulcanise the belt after a period of stretching.

More reliable operation

The incredibly well thought-out design makes BTI both more reliable in operation and simpler to maintain than other belt conveyors. As always at Skandia Elevator, each part is made to the best quality standards and tested to work for a long time. With BTI, you can have a complete installation with energy efficient and environmentally friendly grain conveying, both clean-sorted and without spillage.

Read more about BTI here

News We congratulate new rounds of certified dealers

The following dealers have now completed the entire Skandia Academy and are now “Certified dealers of Skandia Elevator”.

Akron Maskiner AB / Sweden
Felleskjöpet Agri B / Norway
Svenska Antti AB / Sweden
agritec GmbH / Germany
Schramm Tino Lagereibedarf / Germany
MOLL Anlagenbau GmbH / Germany
Agromat / Germany

The certification is a guarantee for your customers that you are familiar with Skandia Elevator ranges and systems. It is a quality hallmark that inspires trust and confidence.

Representatives from Akron Maskiner AB, Svenska Antti AB, Felleskjöpet Agri BA who participated in the various parts of the Skandia Academy training.


Representatives from Schramm Tino Lagereibedarf who participated in the various parts of the Skandia Academy training.


Representatives from agritec GmbH, MOLL Anlagenbau and GmbH, Agromat who participated in the various parts of the Skandia Academy training.

News New version of Quote Configurator

We are pleased to introduce our new extensive upgrade of Quote Configurator – QC 2.0.
The new configurator is web-based (no installations needed) it works faster and has a brand new user friendly (explanatory images) and responsive interface (adapts to a smart phone).

We have also integrated the motor power calculation. When you have selected the parameters affecting the motor power, QC 2.0 calculates and selects the required power. In many cases this will reduce the required power, and also the price, compared with the power calculated for the Price list.

It’s easy to start using our new QC 2.0 all you need is the web address, user ID and password. If you already are a user of QC 1.1 you can use your current user ID and password, if not please contact you area sales manager to get access or fill in the form on our website Dealer/Quote Configurator.

We hope you consider becoming a QC 2.0 user it will save both your time and money!

Get more information about the upgrade QC 1.1 vs. new QC 2.0.
Web address to QC 2.0:

Product news New brochure for exhibition products

We have a new brochure presenting the exhibition products we offer our dealers and what terms apply. We lend certain exhibition products free of charge for a limited time period. Make sure to order in time for your exhibitions. We only have a limited numbers of exhibition racks (different combination of products put together on a frame). It is also possible to lend individual products without a rack or buying a customised rack to a special exhibition product price. You will find the brochure here Download/Company & Product brochures/Product brochures/PDF Exhibition Products (only in English).